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Autumnal | new

Written by Anja Wens.

Herfst, het is herfst.

Het herfstgevoel heeft nog een beetje moeite om tot ons door te dringen door het warme en zonnige weer. Daarom help ik je met deze nieuwe digitale scrapbook producten om in najaarsstemming te komen. 

Autumnal vind je vanaf vandaag in de winkel van Je kunt kiezen voor Autumnal | Brush leaves met getekende herfst bladeren en brushes. Heb je liever gekleurde herfstbladeren, dan is Autumnal | Colour leaves zeer geschikt. Wil je beide kits, dan neem je Autumnal | Bundle en dan krijg je ook nog eens 5 extra papers als bonus. 

Snak jij net als ik naar de herfst? Of vind je de bladeren gewoon heel mooi? Pak dan je kans en profiteer van 20% korting dit eerste weekend.

Autumnal | Brush leaves | AWD available @

Autumnal | Brush leaves

In deze kit vind je 15 met de hand getekende herfst bladeren en een .abr set Photoshop brushes.

Autumnal | Colour leaves | AWD available @

Autumnal | Colour leaves

De getekende bladeren zijn de basis voor deze ingekleurde herfstbladeren. Warme najaarskleuren zorgen ervoor dat je de bladeren ook heel goed voor papier en hybride projecten kunt gebruiken.

Autumnal | Bundle | AWD available @

Autumnal | Bundle met 5 extra papers

In de bundel zijn zowel de Brush leaves als de Colour leaves opgenomen met als extra bonus Autumnal | Papers. Deze 5 papers zijn alleen als onderdeel van deze bundel verkrijgbaar, ze worden niet apart verkocht.


Written by Anja Wens.

Today I want to tell you how I made my Flowers artjournal page.

A while ago I read about the use of masking fluid on of the many craft blogs. I cannot remeber which one (sorrry), but it inspired me to go and try it myself. A couple of weeks later I went craft shopping with a friend in Rotterdam and I ended up buying masking fluid by Schminke and Molotow at Harolds. I did som testing with it and really liked the possibilities of the material. Last week I bought another brand to try. It's by Sennelier and has a very thin needlelike tip.

I started by testing the Sennelier l'Aquarelle masking fluid on a few scraps of paper, which turned out pretty good. So I decided to try it on a page in my journal. Inspired by a fabric design I saw the other week. Alas, no step-by-step pictures, as this was supposed to be a practice page too. I did think it would turn out so good, that I would want to share it with you all.

First I used a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen to doodledraw the flowers. At the moment these are my favorite flowers to draw. Does anyone recognise that? How some shapes keep popping up in your work for a certain period? Right now, these flowers keep popping up in my head and in my artwork. When I was satisfied with the nnumber of flowers on my page, I took the maksing fluid and doodled another bunch. Not exactly in the same spots, but shifted them a little, so they would overlap in some places. The masking fluid is a very pale blue, so it's easy to see on the paper.

Then you need to let the masking fluid dry completely. I don't use a heattool, because I find it is bad for the fluid. It can bubble/blow up and removing it later becomes more difficult. After drying, I coloured the flowers with Caran d'Ache Neocolor II crayons. Using a waterbrush to spread and mix the paints. I used 3 shaed of blue and 1 sade of purple for this. After that I used the darkest blue to colour the background. Little bit of crayon and a very wet brush to spread it all over the page.
Then I let it dry again.  


Everything is dry, so we can remove the masking. Softly rubbing my fingers over the paper makes the fluid come of. It's a bit like rubbing off the paper after you've done a transfer. Some lines are thick enough to pull up from the page like a little elastic thread. When that doesn't work you can use a special rubber-cement eraser. When the white lined flowers started to appear my heart jumped. I had hoped fot a good result, but this was gorgeous...

To finish the page I took out my dip pen and some india ink to write the word flowers all over the page. And so here is the final result.

Artjournal Flowers by Anja Wens Designs

Want to learn more about masking fluid? I am working on a comparison of different kinds and brands, which will be published on this blog in the not to distant future. Please let me know if you have any questions or specific things you want to know about masking fluids. I'll try to incorporate the questions and answers in my blog.

Artjournal Flowers by Anja Wens Designs | detail01

Artjournal Flowers by Anja Wens Designs | detail02

Stripey Eastereggs | tutorial

Written by Anja Wens.

Day 11 of #goingon40

Stripey eastereggs, they look cute in a springbranch, on a card and as decoration on your brunchtable.

Watercolour lovelies

Written by Jan.

Lately I have been experimenting with watercolour paints. I had such wonderful results, that I simply had to use for a new scrapbook kit. It’s become a gorgeous set of 8 papers and 40 elements.